Hope To Live Initiative

The majority of Wisdom Stoves' fundraising efforts serve families affected with HIV/AIDS through our “Hope to Live Initiative” (HLI) in North Kinangop, Kenya. Through HLI, our donors make life-changing, long-term financial gains possible, while paving the way for monumental health improvements and environmental conservation.


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Who benefits from my donation?

HLI families are identified by Broadvision, a Kenyan Community Based Organization (CBO). Broadvision, a volunteer-run organization, works directly with women, men and children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Broadvision provides a range of services to the community, including home visits, support groups, legal aid, youth empowerment programs, and skills training. The Wisdom Stove sponsorship program is an important way that these families can cut fuel costs and improve the indoor air quality in their homes.


How do HLI families receive the stoves?

Twice a year, one or both of our co-founders, Nathan and Merry Puffer, travel to Kenya and personally hand-deliver the new cookstoves that are sponsored by our donors. There is also a training session and celebration for the families who are receiving the stoves


How can I help?

A donation of any amount will help allow us to manufacture and distribute a clean cookstove to an HIV/AIDS affected family. Each stove requires the equivalent of about $50 US to create.

Through your kind generosity and willingness to spread the word, we are able to provide clean cookstoves to members of the Kinangop community that have the most need for them. Thank you!


Hope To Live Wisdom Stoves Hope To Live Wisdom Stoves Hope To Live Wisdom Stoves


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