Hope to Live is a group of single parents, almost all women, that are HIV positive and usually have at least one HIV positive child*.










Support Wisdom Stoves' efforts to provide jobs, conserve trees, and improve the health & economic stability of families in Kenya*. 

























*All gifts to Wisdom Stoves are tax deductible.  Wisdom Stoves is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to improving the lives of individuals around the world through the manufacturing and distribution of clean burning, fuel efficient cookstoves. Gifts made to Wisdom Stoves will be distributed to help support long-term change for as many people as possible. We really appreciate your donation and will work hard to match it with the location where it can do the most good!

For donations sent by mail, please write checks payable to "Wisdom Stoves" and send to: 

Wisdom Stoves Vermont, 2126a Scott Hwy, Groton VT, 05046